Different types of fetishes

Is it the voice, the eyes, or those sculpted abs that arouses you? Some people have fetishes that trigger sexual desire and euphoria just by watching or touching a particular object. There are many types of fetishes. Let’s take a look at a few. According to London escorts of https://charlotteaction.org.

Podophilia – Also known as the foot fetish, this is the most common erogenous trigger for both men and women. Some people hold foot worship parties or pay premium fees for foot fetish clubs. Another version of this is shoe fetish, where many men find shoes attractive and often associate shoes with a sexual connotation. This fetish can be triggered by the curves of heels, pointed soles and wedges, and even the full length of boots.

Trichophilia or “hair fetish” – Some men are turned on by hair, whether it’s tousled hair with surf waves or redheads. Women too can be turned on by a man having hair all over his body. They find it appealing and delightfully masculine. Arousal may occur from seeing and/or touching the hair.

Black Leather Fetish – Often associated with masochism play, some people find it irresistible when the opposite sex wears tight fitting black leather. It can be a fitted biker’s jacket, or leather textured jeans, a cat suit or leather cuffs. Some enjoy the color of the leather or the way it fits the body. Some even cite the smell of the material as the trigger for the arousal of sexual hormones.

Exhibitionism – One reason that some venture into exhibitionism is the adrenaline rush of the possibility of getting caught. It can be as simple as kissing in the hallway before entering an apartment or bedroom, or opening the windows and curtains. Being “watched” can send a couple into a unique experience of euphoria.

Voyeurism – Taboo or hidden topics that go on behind closed doors can arouse curiosity. Sex has been a sensitive and forbidden topic for centuries, and the urge to spy on others mid-coitus is a form of voyeuristic behavior. Voyeurism may be the most common type of fetish, though many do not admit to enjoying it. Perhaps that’s part of the fun?

Sexual Role-Play – Couples can spice up their sexy time with costumes and role-play. Role-play can involve any type of fantasy setting, like dressing up in maid or cop costumes, partaking in belly or pole dancing, or dressing up as one’s favorite sci-fi character (Princess Leia in a gold bikini anyone?). Individuals assume roles by taking on how a character speaks or behaves, and some even go so far as to design their rooms with accessories. This allows couples to more effectively remove themselves from reality and become their fantasy characters. The anonymity often allows the couple to more freely release any inhibitions they may have when it comes to sex.

Domination and Submission – Also known as BDSM, Domination and Submission is defined as behaviors that involve an exchange of power between two consenting adults. Handing over control can be a penchant fantasy. This can come in the form of different activities, like the use of handcuffs, blindfold or erotic restraints.

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